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Casio Calculator Emulators (April-2022)




Product information Product information Colored touch panel realizes comfortable operation Ideal for learning math Product information Casio's new Graphing Calculator CAD COLORZ MULTIFUNCTION product information The new Graphing Calculator CAD COLORZ MULTIFUNCTION(TM) represents a quantum leap in performance. This entirely new product combines the popular COLORZ display and the superior operation of the G3 with revolutionary new Graphing Calculator functionality. The new COLORZ display is easy to operate with a new, bold colored keypad and indicator light, offering three different color options - red, yellow, and green. Offering high-definition color, the new COLORZ display makes it easier to read small formulas and values in the calculator. The new display even simplifies math calculations by enabling users to enter numbers directly from the touch screen. With the new LCD display, users can now take much more time to enter math computations than in the past. The new calculator also offers a new, high-definition calculator grid. These are displayed on the screen at all times, and may be viewed directly from the keypad. The calculator automatically adjusts the grid to make it easy to compare numbers. All of this, in addition to the familiar touch-screen functions of the G3, make the new COLORZ Graphing Calculator the perfect tool for math instruction and calculation. If you wish to purchase this CASIO Graphing Calculator CAD COLORZ MULTIFUNCTION, please click on the "Add to cart" button on the right-hand side, and we will promptly send it to you. (Includes both English and Japanese instructions) Specifications Product information Colored touch panel realizes comfortable operation Ideal for learning math Product information Graphing Calculator is suitable for all levels of users. This product is an ideal and popular choice for students in primary and secondary schools. Also, in order to save on electricity costs, this calculator is easy to operate with a simple and low-power function, making it possible to use for a long time. In terms of function, the calculator has the feature of displaying graphs, and the results of operations are indicated by LED (light-emitting diode). For the convenience of all students, this calculator is equipped with "EASY" and "HARD" modes. In "EASY"



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Casio Calculator Emulators (April-2022)

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